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3 Potential Memes for 2018

3 unexplored things with HUGE meme potential
                                By: @hugeplateofketchup8 

Memes can come from wherever and whenever. It's one of the most random and interesting part about our meme culture; it isn't planned or controlled by one specific person or group. The people who influence the meme economy the most are the influencers with large social followings who "gatekeep" what gets posted on their page and what doesn't. These big accounts, however, usually get their content from accounts that they follow who have a lower following but have higher quality content. Generally, but not always, it's these lower following accounts that find memes from primary sources like, for example, the "Perhaps cow" meme from Barnyard or the "Somebody toucha my spaghet" meme that came from a 1939 cartoon called The Three Bears. Memes have to come from somewhere, so here are a couple places where I think that future memes could come out of.

  1.  Cyberchase

One of PBS's best shows during the early 2000's was this gem, Cyberspace. This show was known for teaching kids about math, science, and how to be good to your friends. Meme potential for this show comes from Digit the robotic bird who always has something witty to say.


I could see someone making a video meme format out of something he says. He is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, the same Gilbert Gottfried who has voiced many birds including the Aflac duck, and Iago from Aladdin  

Another possibility could be evil Hacker and his sidekicks Buzz and Delete. They always get their plans foiled by the kids and always have funny ways of expressing their anger. Maybe we could see a reaction image out of one of them hit the markets.  

  1.  Calvin and Hobbes


Bill Watterson created one of the most well known comics of the 20th century, Calvin and Hobbes. There are so many extremes in this strip that allow for a "replace" type of meme. In the image, for example, you could replace the "booger being" with and image someone or something that is unliked by the community. Logan Paul could've worked in this format last month.

There are so many amazing deep quotes found throughout the series that could be wholesome memes in themselves, such as when Hobbes says, "Sometimes it's the little things that take up all the room in your heart". There's so much meme potential to choose from in this comic.

  1. Mac vs PC


This is a throwback that I think could come back with a new twist. In the mid 2000's Apple ran a TV ad campaign where they showed the differences of Apple and PC computers, making fun of a PC's flaws very originally and comically. I think meme potential is here with a "Who would win" type of meme. We see a very similar debate with the Android vs iPhone memes, making fun of Android's camera quality and sometimes the green texting seen when texting an Android from an iPhone. This could go in a lot of directions and could be a decent investment.

In the future we are going to see memes come from events that have not happened yet and people who aren't even remotely relevant now. There are so many sources that have yet to be explored that already exist that we can create memes from. I look forward to laugh and see what they come to be.

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