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Fuckboy Advance: How to Spot a Fuckboy- Dank Memes Gang Blog

The term "Fuckboy" can be accurately summarized by the following descriptions provided by Tumblr and Urban Dictionary: 


Fuckboy Handbooks have even started to emerge that promote and encourage aspiring fuckboys with advice on how to advance your skills as a professional douche:

At this point in the article, you're probably asking yourself the following questions: 

"Am I a Fuckboy?"

"Are my friends Fuckboys?"

"Am I dating a Fuckboy?"

"Are my friends dating Fuckboys?"

We have provided you with a chart below that can be used as a beginners guide to help establish an individual's FBL or "Fuckboy Level".  



Fuckboys have also been known to wear fashion accessories as symbols of pride:
If you see someone wearing this hat, please keep your distance. Their FBL has become too high to contain and they are considered extra and dangerous!

Fuckboys Click Here To Snag a Hat

If you or ANYONE you know have come into contact with one of these savage individuals, quarantine them IMMEDIATELY so the reversal process can be implemented. It may not be too late to save them from getting hit square in their Honey Nut Feelios.



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