Artists to check out Lightning In A Bottle 2023

Rezz, Beats Antique, Liquid Stranger, TokiMonsta, LTJ Bukem, Armanni Reign, Polish Ambassador, Blondish, Fungineers, Ice Cream Truck, Thee-o, Ruby Chase, Wylie Cable

Super excited to return to Lightning In a Bottle for the first time since 2015. I plan on making my way over to the 100+ BPM beast that is REZZ. She reigns supreme for being the first big 100 BPM bass music artist, successfully merging the gap between bass music and what people used to call “moombahton” she obviously doesn’t make that genre now, and it’s safe to say that Rezz has her own unique style that is nowhere near that ancient genre name now. 

She’s the main attraction but nowhere near the last, if bass heavy 100 BPM range music isn’t your cup of tea, then slide on over to Beats Antique which is quite honestly the polar opposite of REZZ. Beats Antique is also an old school artist that you would typically find at an outdoor conscious gathering like LIB. Beats Antique is high brow low end sophistication at it’s finest while still incorporating live instruments and real world sound with the production quality that dance music is known for. Assuming LIB uses the Funktion One sound system again then it’s going to be a MASSIVE time. Stop by for some live violins, pianos, and who knows what else!

We all love our dubstep (ok maybe not all of us) but the last time I saw Liquid Stranger was in a grungy warehouse in Downtown LA back in 2010 and that was a time! Dubstep was new and I am really looking forward to seeing how his music has evolved, and what the 2023 state of dubstep is. The basshead in me is hoping for some 2015 style fish wobble sound but we’ll see!

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I'm passionate about Drum & Bass. More so than anything else on this planet (yes I love drum & bass more than memes!) That’s why I'm extremely hyped to see Armanni Reign, for some reason they don’t have him listed as an MC but that’s what he’s typically known to do - the Junglist in me is hoping for some live emceeing throughout the night and hopefully an on site interview. We also have the one and only legendary DNB legend that is LTJ Bukem. Whoever is booking talent at Do Lab knows exactly what they are doing, this is an eclectic line up hyper focused on tasteful music with a dash of bass heavy music legends. Big up Do Lab for flying out some proper UK talent! 

House music fans rejoice, we have Blondish. I’ll probably be watching her from a distance, and mainly to cool off from all of the dancing that i’ll be doing on the dancefloor from the bass heavier artists, regardless of your goal, if you like house music this is THE artist to catch. At least in my own humble opinion, correct me if I'm wrong →

If you raved in the past you know that first of all, this IS NOT a rave. Second of all, if you have raved in the past you know that the Fungineers are old school! Catch them for some wholesome fun to say the least. Third of all, if you were an old school raver in LA then you know our local legend Thee-O. To be honest I can’t think of a single DJ that has lasted longer than LA resident legend: DJ Thee-o

When it comes down to the LA warehouse scene, rave scene, house music after hours, and double digits spent putting in time I think DJ THEE-O takes the cake! He deserves to perform at LIB more so than any other LA based DJ and has really earned his keep. Super proud to see him perform, last time I saw him DJ was probably when I opened for him back in 2009. I’l be sure to give him “the nod” when I see him. (If you haven’t seen Groove 2000 go watch it rn)

Ruby Chase is also a local artist from Los Angeles, CA - I first encountered her when she decided to start singing over a set of mine back when I was a DJ at an outdoor music festival.

Super inspiring to see that she never gave up and is now performing at Lightning in a Bottle. Check out her music for a taste of what’s to come. The DOME OF DOOM! It's back! Wylie Cable is also a local California artist, based in Venice CA. At least the last time I saw him he was! I used to visit a local farmers market in Mar Vista and he would DJ often, back when the Dome of Doom was a tiny tape label he started. I look forward to hunting this guy with the massive dreads down and remind him of his early humble beginning at the local farmers market. I’ll be sure to ask him some questions about his journey from then to now as well. 

It’s CLEAR that LIB has their ears to the spiritual streets in Los Angeles, there are far too many local artists that have been putting in work for ever a decade to deny the fact that the Do Lab knows exactly WHO they are booking and HOW much work these artists have put into their craft.

In a nutshell I am absolutely ELATED to see these artists, and this is coming from years of digging deep into the local LA music scene and getting my hands dirty myself!


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