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Is He Thinking About Other Memes? - Dank Memes Gang Blog

These memes that are centered around the long-lived question in women's heads, “What is he thinking? What goes on in his head?” Women will commonly sit, ponder, and piss themselves off trying to come up with the answer. “I bet he’s thinking about some other woman” memes provide the dank insight on the truth regarding men's minds.


The male brain is simplistic, almost caveman-esque. Thoughts bounce around and get translated by females with thousands of layers. The irrational thoughts come to existence in the mind of females with no rhyme or reason. Overthinking is an art that females have perfected throughout the years due to lack of communication and a complete disregard for the lack of depth in a man’s thoughts 90% of the time.


Female body language alone makes men twist and writhe in agony.  Men who attempt to decipher the layers will not make much progress either.

-You don’t know what you did.

-She isn’t going to tell you what you did.

-If you ask her what is the matter, she will always be “fine.”

Guys, try to understand that it is not always your fault, the “what if’s” and “maybes” are usually what get the female brain to that point.  No matter the timing or situation, if the female thought it, she is probably right. *Shakes head back and forth rapidly*

If you need some empathy in your relationship woes, you are looking in the wrong place. However, If you need a laugh, check out Dank Meme Baes, relationship memes even the most pointless of relationships can relate to.

-Captain Carl

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