Koven - Higher Ground (Part 2) EP [Monstercat]

Koven - Higher Ground (Part 2)

Koven Drop the Full Release of their ‘Higher Ground (Part 2)’ EP With Monstercat Alongside Their Worldwide Headline Tour

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March 2nd, 2023 - The second part of Koven’s ‘Higher Ground’ has been unveiled, with three remaining exclusives for fans following the huge success of Part 1 of the EP’s on dance imprint Monstercat.

With numerous headline shows selling out globally across the world and playing some of the world's most recognisable festivals such as; Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds Rampage, Let It Roll, Liquicity and more, it’s undeniable that Koven had a groundbreaking 2022

Part 1 was a testament to Koven’s popularity across music space boasting support and partnerships with some of the world's leading brands and companies; Rocket League (Video Game), closing the streets of LA for the ‘All We Needed’ music video, Grammy, BBC Radio 1, BBC Sport (during the Euros & The World Cup), Let It Roll Festival using Industrial Strain to open the festival) as well as amassing 3.5 million streams to date. 

2023 is also marked by the first leg of their sequential European headline tour, which will be hitting seven cities across March and April with support from; ShockOne and Aktive with London selling out in just a few days.

EP’s title-track ‘Higher Ground’ ft.  Kairos Grove embodies Katie’s well known story telling and for the first time blended with the vocals of Kairos Grove to offer a storyline which moulds against its mainstage appeal.  ‘You Wanted’ provides another crescendo-focused, anthemic record for the duo.  Katie gives a rendition of her electric live presence throughout the vocal delivery as Max’s production creates the emotive intensity through each sound - a signature for the pair. Then finally, the tempo switches from their usual drum & bass flavors, ‘14th Canon’ reestablishes Koven’s cross-genre creativity.

This EP comes full circle from its first instalment, adding even more to the Koven repertoire as they continue to build on an impressive career with help from Monstercat

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Koven Bio

Fueled by diversity, friendship, progressive ideas and cinematic bass music, Koven is a double act full of passion and natural born talent. Comprised Max Rowat and Katie Boyle, the duo formed in 2014. Known for their powerful, cinematic sound, Koven combines meticulous sound design and production with storytelling and unforgettable live performances. Primarily channelled into drum’n’bass and dubstep, with forays into an array of other genres, their sound has amassed a large global following, with debut LP Butterfly Effect establishing the duo as a potent force. Koven have built their reputation on the foundations laid down by years of hard work, touring and collaboration to earn themselves a reputation as a formidable act. With Katie fronting the act’s public appearances and Max the brains behind the beats, the duo are primed to shift into the next phase of their ever burgeoning evolution…

Over the years Koven released a steady flow of EPs and singles, keeping up the momentum and gradually establishing their sonic identity. As their music spread throughout the world, they began to pick up more and more gigs. Through consistent performances they initiated a process of conscious refinement; initially they would perform back-to-back DJ sets with Katie singing. During this time, Koven experienced the difficulties surrounding the “demise” of dubstep, responding by evolving the dubstep blueprint into an almost genre-less state. Later, Max opted to take a back seat from live performance, preferring to channel his energy into the studio, which led to Katie taking on the hybrid role of DJ and singer - a setup that is a distinct aspect of Koven and one which is still very rarely seen within the electronic music world. Never afraid to switch things up, the new format allowed both Max and Katie to expand into their roles, which fed back into their collaborative efforts and invigorated their music.

Through this transitional period, Admittedly challenging for the duo, and compounded by their new club setup, it took three years for them to find their feet again. By 2019 they were back on track and began to pick up bookings across Europe again, with their debut album scheduled for release in March 2020… In what seemed like a cruel twist of fate, the album (Butterfly Effect) was released on the same day the UK went into its first lockdown.

Amazingly though, the album flourished in a market where so many others were afraid to release music. Through the pandemic Koven saw their profile grow as Butterfly Effect captivated audiences who were isolated and searching for something to connect to. The emotive and cinematic sound emanating throughout the LP provided solace and escapism for countless listeners around the world. Eventually, when restrictions were lifted and venues reopened, Koven returned to the club circuit with a renewed energy and vigour. Katie found her niche with her DJ/singer performances, with Max venturing out to as many of the clubs and festivals as possible to observe how their tracks were being received. His perfectionism and drive leading to a process of refinement in the studio. Together they have formed a unique alliance, with their close friendship at the heart of their progression, often against the odds.

On their latest EP, Max and Katie got together in the studio for the very first time, after years of working remotely. During their five-day stay at Middle Farms Studios in Devon, they explored the writing process while in the same physical space. With the space and time to create freely without constraints Max and Katie relished the opportunity to develop their creative partnership in such inspiring surroundings. In another instance of serendipity, they bumped into Max’s former college tutor Simon Dobson at the studios. Simon now works as an arranger for string sections, and, ever keen to deepen their sound, Koven took the chance meeting to incorporate live strings into their productions. The result is Higher Ground, a two-part EP rooted in themes of self-development and ‘leveling up’. 

On the cusp of their new evolutionary phase Koven are brimming with ideas and creative energy. At their core is love for the music and the desire to cultivate transcendent moments; whether that’s on the dance floor or at home, their music is designed to evoke powerful emotions. A remedy for those in need of catharsis; progressive and emotive, Koven are a formidable duo that prove unwavering dedication and pure talent always shines through…

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