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Shots Fired: Donald Trump Jr. Retweets Meme attacking CNN- Dank Memes Gang Blog


Donald Trump Jr. has joined the Meme War. Just a few days ago the President's eldest son retweeted a gif of the movie Top Gun but edited to show his father taking down  a CNN jet with the caption : “One of the best I've seen." 



The tweet originally came from user @OldRow as seen below:


This comes just at the heels of the stories we reported on last week with Donald posting the now famed "CNN wrestling GIF" and the all out meme war that has followed. CNN Has taken great criticism after threatening to take action on the reddit user that created the GIF. 




Meanwhile, the Trump administration continues to tweet about the ‘Fake News’ and duke it out with the online world. It will be extremely interesting to see how this will all play out and what real world effects this may have on net neutrality, CNN, and freedom of speech.

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