Meme Mask Halloween Pack (FREE)

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Need a last minute Halloween Mask? We got you. Some of the most iconic stock image and surreal memes are now a FREE d o w n l o a d a b l e mask that you can make from the safety of your own home. Print on high quality paper for the best effect! 

Tools needed

1. String (any string works, shoe lace if you don't have anything else)

2. Scissors (to cut the string)

3. A printer (Go to the nearest Kinkos, Library, or CyberCafe if you don't have one)

4. That's it! Most important thing is to have fun, as long as you're having fun creating your new halloween mask you're doing it right. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, that's part of the appeal. Happy Hallomeme and be sure to tag @dankmemesgang or @StonkExchange for a chance to get featured on our story!

NOTE: You need to download this Dank Meme Halloween Meme Mask pack on a computer. The digital download is a .ZIP file. It contains a wide variety of masks to choose from and can only be opened via desktop computers. 

Email your fun HalloMeme stories to - we love to read your emails and hear what you did with these last minute halloween masks.

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